Chapter 52.14 RCW



52.14.010NumberQualificationsInsuranceCompensation and expensesService as volunteer firefighter.
52.14.013Commissioner districtsCreationBoundaries.
52.14.015Increase in the number of commissionersElection.
52.14.017Decrease in the number of commissionersElectionDisposition of commissioner districts.
52.14.020Number of commissioners in districtTerms of first appointees.
52.14.030Polling places.
52.14.060Commissioner's terms.
52.14.065Voluntary change to electoral system.
52.14.070Oath of office.
52.14.080ChairSecretaryDuties and oath.
52.14.100MeetingsPowers and duties of board.
52.14.110Purchases and public worksCompetitive bids requiredExceptions.
52.14.120Purchases and public worksCompetitive bidding procedures.
52.14.130Low bidder claiming errorProhibition on later bid for same project.
52.14.140Governance authority of fire protection district.