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Retrospective rating groupsProbationary statusDenial of future enrollment.

(1) Any retrospective rating group required to pay additional net premium assessments in two consecutive coverage periods shall be immediately placed on probationary status. Once a group is placed on probationary status, the department shall review the group's workplace safety and accident prevention plan and its methods for cooperation with department claims management activities. Following the review, the department shall make recommendations for corrective steps that may be taken to improve the group's performance.
(2) If the same retrospective rating group is required to pay an additional net premium assessment in the third consecutive coverage period, that group shall be denied future enrollment in the state's retrospective rating plan. In addition, the sponsoring entity of the failed group may not sponsor another group in the same business or industry category for five coverage periods from the ending date of the failed group's last coverage period.
(3) This section applies prospectively only and not retroactively. It applies only to net assessments received by a retrospective rating group for plan years beginning after July 25, 1999.
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