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Employer's recordsUnified business identifierConfidentiality.

(1)(a) Every employer shall keep at his or her place of business a record of his or her employment from which the information needed by the department may be obtained and such record shall at all times be open to the inspection of the director, supervisor of industrial insurance, or the traveling auditors, agents, or assistants of the department, as provided in RCW 51.48.040.
(b) An employer who contracts with another person or entity for work subject to chapter 18.27, 18.106, or 19.28 RCW shall obtain and preserve a record of the unified business identifier account number for and the compensation paid to the person or entity performing the work. Failure to obtain or maintain the record is subject to RCW 39.06.010 and to a penalty under RCW 51.48.030.
(2) Information obtained from employing unit records under the provisions of this title shall be deemed confidential and shall not be open to public inspection (other than to public employees in the performance of their official duties), but any interested party shall be supplied with information from such records to the extent necessary for the proper presentation of the case in question: PROVIDED, That any employing unit may authorize inspection of its records by written consent.
[ 2023 c 88 s 12; 2008 c 120 s 5; 1997 c 54 s 3; 1961 c 23 s 51.16.070. Prior: 1957 c 70 s 48; prior: 1947 c 247 s 1, part; Rem. Supp. 1947 s 7676c, part.]


Conflict with federal requirementsSeverability2008 c 120: See notes following RCW 18.27.030.
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