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Withdrawal of certificationGrounds.

Certification of a self-insurer shall be withdrawn by the director upon one or more of the following grounds:
(1) The employer no longer meets the requirements of a self-insurer; or
(2) The self-insurer's deposit is insufficient; or
(3) The self-insurer intentionally or repeatedly induces employees to fail to report injuries, induces claimants to treat injuries in the course of employment as off-the-job injuries, persuades claimants to accept less than the compensation due, or unreasonably makes it necessary for claimants to resort to proceedings against the employer to obtain compensation; or
(4) The self-insurer habitually fails to comply with rules and regulations of the director regarding reports or other requirements necessary to carry out the purposes of this title; or
(5) The self-insurer habitually engages in a practice of arbitrarily or unreasonably refusing employment to applicants for employment or discharging employees because of nondisabling bodily conditions; or
(6) The self-insurer fails to pay an insolvency assessment under the procedures established pursuant to RCW 51.14.077.


Intent1986 c 57: See note following RCW 51.14.077.
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