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Grant applicationsRequirements.

(1) An application for a grant under this chapter shall be submitted by the applicant in such form and in accordance with the requirements as determined by the commissioner.
(2) The application for a grant under this chapter shall contain at a minimum:
(a) The amount of the grant request and its proposed use;
(b) A description of the applicant and a statement of its qualifications, including a description of the applicant's past experience with housing rehabilitation or construction with youth and youth education and employment training programs, and its relationship with local unions and apprenticeship programs and other community groups;
(c) A description of the proposed site for the program;
(d) A description of the educational and job training activities, work opportunities, and other services that will be provided to participants;
(e) A description of the proposed construction or rehabilitation activities to be undertaken and the anticipated schedule for carrying out such activities;
(f) A description of the manner in which eligible participants will be recruited and selected, including a description of arrangements which will be made with federal or state agencies, community-based organizations, local school districts, the courts of jurisdiction for status and youth offenders, shelters for homeless individuals and other agencies that serve homeless youth, foster care agencies, and other appropriate public and private agencies;
(g) A description of the special outreach efforts that will be undertaken to recruit eligible young women, including young women with dependent children;
(h) A description of how the proposed program will be coordinated with other federal, state, local, and private resources and programs, including vocational, adult, and bilingual education programs, and job training programs;
(i) Assurances that there will be a sufficient number of adequately trained supervisory personnel in the program who have attained journey level status or have served an apprenticeship through the Washington state apprenticeship training council;
(j) A description of the applicant's relationship with building contractor groups and trade unions regarding their involvement in training, and the relationship of the youthbuild program with established apprenticeship and training programs;
(k) A description of activities that will be undertaken to develop the leadership skills of the participants;
(l) A description of the commitments for any additional resources to be made available to the local program from the applicant, from recipients of other federal, state, local, or private sources; and
(m) Other factors the commissioner deems necessary.
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