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Undertakings on seeking judicial review.

No bond of any kind shall be required of any individual seeking judicial review from a commissioner's decision affecting such individual's application for initial determination or claim for waiting period credit or for benefits.
No commissioner's decision shall be stayed by a petition for judicial review unless the petitioning employer shall first deposit an undertaking in an amount theretofore deemed by the commissioner to be due, if any, from the petitioning employer, together with interest thereon, if any, with the commissioner or in the registry of the court: PROVIDED, HOWEVER, That this section shall not be deemed to authorize a stay in the payment of benefits to an individual when such individual has been held entitled thereto by a decision of the commissioner which decision either affirms, reverses, or modifies a decision of an appeals tribunal.


Rules of court: Cf. Title 8 RAP, RAP 18.22.
Effective date1973 1st ex.s. c 158: See note following RCW 50.08.020.
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