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Labor market researchHigh-demand green industriesMiddle or high-wage occupations.

The employment security department, in consultation with the *department, the workforce board, and the **leadership team must take the following actions:
(1) Conduct and update labor market research on a biennial basis to analyze the current public and private labor market and projected job growth in the green economy, the current and projected recruitment and skill requirement of public and private green economy employers, the wage and benefits ranges of jobs within green economy industries, and the education and training requirements of entry-level and incumbent workers in those industries;
(2) Propose which industries will be considered high-demand green industries, based on current and projected job creation and their strategic importance to the development of the state's green economy; and
(3) Define which family-sustaining wage and benefits ranges within green economy industries will be considered middle or high-wage occupations and occupations that are part of career pathways to the same.


Reviser's note: *(1) "Department" apparently refers to "department" as defined in RCW 43.330.010.
**(2) The leadership team was created in 2009 c 536 § 3, which was vetoed.
Short title2009 c 536: See note following RCW 43.330.370.
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