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Board of arbitrationStandards or guidelines.

In making its determination, the board of arbitrators shall be mindful of the legislative purpose enumerated in RCW 49.66.010 and as additional standards or guidelines to aid it in reaching a decision, it shall take into consideration the following factors:
(1) Wage rates or other conditions of employment of the health care activity in question as compared with prevailing wage rates or other conditions of employment in the local operating area involved.
(2) Wage rates or other working conditions as compared with wage rates or other working conditions maintained for the same or similar work of workers in the local area.
(3) The overall compensation of employees having regard not only to wages for time actually worked but also for time not actually worked, including vacations, holidays and other excused time and for all fringe benefits received.
(4) Interest and welfare of the public.
(5) Comparison of peculiarities of employment in regard to other comparable trades or professions, specifically:
(a) Physical qualifications.
(b) Educational qualifications.
(c) Job training and skills.
(6) Efficiency of operation of the health care activity.
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