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Unfair labor practice by employee organization or agent.

It shall be an unfair labor practice and unlawful, for any employee organization or its agent to:
(1) Restrain or coerce (a) employees in the exercise of their right to refrain from self-organization, or (b) an employer in the selection of its representatives for purposes of collective bargaining or the adjustment of grievances;
(2) Cause or attempt to cause an employer to discriminate against an employee in violation of RCW 49.66.040(3) or to discriminate against an employee with respect to whom membership in such organization has been denied or terminated on some ground other than his or her failure to tender the periodic dues and initiation fees uniformly required as a condition of acquiring or retaining membership;
(3) Refuse to meet and bargain in good faith with an employer, provided it is the duly designated representative of the employer's employees for purposes of collective bargaining;
(4) Require of employees covered by a union security agreement the payment, as a condition precedent to becoming a member of such organization, of a fee in an amount which the director finds excessive or discriminatory under all the circumstances. In making such a finding, the director shall consider, among other relevant factors, the practices and customs of labor organizations in the particular industry, and the wages currently paid to the employees affected;
(5) Cause or attempt to cause an employer to pay or deliver or agree to pay or deliver any money or other thing of value, in the nature of an exaction, for services which are not performed or not to be performed;
(6) Enter into any contract or agreement, express or implied, whereby an employer or other person ceases or refrains, or agrees to cease or refrain, from handling, using, selling, transporting, or otherwise dealing in any of the products or services of any other employer or person, or to cease doing business with any other employer or person, and any such contract or agreement shall be unenforceable and void; or
(7) Engage in, or induce or encourage any individual employed by any employer or to engage in, an activity prohibited by RCW 49.66.060.
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