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Actions to recover for serviceLienPriority.

If any such employer shall default in any such payment to any physician, surgeon, hospital, hospital association or any other parties to whom any such payment is due, the sum so due may be collected by an action at law in the name of the physician, surgeon, hospital, hospital association or any other party to whom such payment is owing, or their assigns and against such defaulting employer, and in addition to such action, such claims shall have the same priority and lien rights as granted to the state for claims due the accident and medical aid funds by section 7682 of Remington's Compiled Statutes of Washington, 1922 [RCW 51.16.150 through 51.16.170], and acts amendatory thereto, which priority and lien rights shall be enforced in the same manner and under the same conditions as provided in said section 7682 [RCW 51.16.150 through 51.16.170]: PROVIDED, HOWEVER, That the said claims for physicians, surgeons, hospitals and hospital associations and others shall be secondary and inferior to any claims of the state and to any claims for labor. Such right of action shall be in addition to any other right of action or remedy.
[ 1929 c 136 § 2; RRS § 7713-2.]
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