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Elements of plan.

Any association desiring to establish a plan pursuant to this chapter shall prepare and submit to the commissioner a proposed plan of organization and operation, including the following elements:
(1) A statement that the association meets the requirements of this chapter.
(2) A financial plan specifying:
(a) The coverage to be offered by the self-insurance pool, setting forth a deductible level and maximum level of claims that the pool will self-insure;
(b) The amount of cash reserves to be maintained for the payment of claims;
(c) The amount of insurance, if any, to be purchased to cover claims in excess of the amount of claims to be satisfied directly from the association's own cash reserves;
(d) The amount of stop-loss coverage to be purchased in the event the joint self-insurance pool's resources are exhausted in a given fiscal period;
(e) A mechanism for determining and assessing the contingent liability of subscribers in the event the assets in the contributing trust fund are at any time insufficient to cover liabilities; and
(f) Certification that all subscribers in the pool are apprised of the limitations of coverage to be provided.
(3) A plan of management setting forth:
(a) The means of fulfilling the requirements in RCW 48.90.050(2);
(b) The names and addresses of board members and their terms of office, and a copy of the corporate bylaws defining the method of election of board members;
(c) The frequency of studies or other evaluation to establish the periodic contribution rates for each of the subscribers;
(d) The responsibilities of subscribers, including procedures for entry into and withdrawal from the pool, the allocation of contingent liabilities and a procedure for immediate assessments if the contributing trust fund falls below the level set in RCW 48.90.050(2)(b);
(e) A plan for monitoring risks and disseminating information with respect to their reduction or elimination;
(f) A contract with a professional insurance management corporation, for the management and operation of any joint self-insurance pool established by the association; and
(g) The corporate address of the association.
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