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The definitions in this section apply throughout this chapter.
(1) "Child day care center" means an agency that regularly provides care for one or more children for periods of less than twenty-four hours as defined in *RCW 74.15.020(1)(a).
(2) "Association" means a corporation organized under Title 24 RCW, representative of one or more categories of child day care centers not formed for the sole purpose of establishing and operating a self-insurance program that:
(a) Maintains a roster of current names and addresses of member child day care centers and of former member child day care centers or their representatives, and of all employees of member or former member child day care centers;
(b) Has a membership of a size and stability to ensure that it will be able to provide consistent and responsible fiscal management; and
(c) Maintains a regular newsletter or other periodic communication to member child day care centers.
(3) "Subscriber" means a child day care center that:
(a) Subscribes to a plan created pursuant to this chapter;
(b) Complies with all state licensing requirements;
(c) Is a member in good standing of an association;
(d) Has consistently maintained its license free from revocation for cause, except where the revocation was not later rescinded or vacated by appellate or administrative decision; and
(e) Is prepared to demonstrate the willingness and ability to bear its share of the financial responsibility of its participation in the plan for each applicable contractual period.


*Reviser's note: RCW 74.15.020 was amended by 2006 c 265 § 401, deleting subsection (1)(a).
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