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Findings and intent.

(1) Day care providers are facing a major crisis in that adequate and affordable business liability insurance is no longer available within this state for persons who care for children. Many child day care centers have been forced to purchase inadequate coverage at prohibitive premium rates from unregulated foreign surplus line carriers over which the state has minimal control.
(2) There is a danger that a substantial number of child day care centers who cannot afford the escalating premiums will be unable or unwilling to remain in business without adequate coverage. As a result the number of available facilities will be drastically reduced forcing some parents to leave the workforce to care for their children. A corresponding demand upon the state's resources will result in the form of public assistance to unemployed parents and day care providers.
(3) There is a further danger that a substantial number of child day care centers now licensed pursuant to state law, who currently provide specific safeguards for the health and safety of children but are unable to procure insurance, may choose to continue to operate without state approval, avoiding regulation and payment of legitimate taxes, and forcing some parents to place their children in facilities of unknown quality and questionable levels of safety.
(4) Most child day care centers are small business enterprises with limited resources. The state's policies encourage the growth and development of small businesses.
(5)(a) This chapter is intended to remedy the problem of nonexistent or unaffordable liability coverage for child day care centers, and to encourage compliance with state laws protecting children while meeting the state's sound economic policies of encouraging small business development, sustaining an active workforce, and discouraging policies that result in an increased drain on the state's resources through public assistance and other forms of public funding.
(b) This chapter will empower child day care centers to create self-insurance pools, to purchase insurance coverage, and to contract for risk management and administrative services through an association with demonstrated responsible fiscal management.
The intent of this legislation is to allow these associations maximum flexibility to create and administer plans to provide coverage and risk management services to licensed child day care centers.
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