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Cancellation of policyProcedure.

An insurer may cancel a fire insurance policy when the requirements of RCW 48.53.030 are met only in accordance with the following procedure:
(1) The insurer shall, not less than five days prior to cancellation, issue written notice of cancellation to the insured or the insured's representative in charge of the policy. The notice shall contain at least the following:
(a) The date that the policy will be canceled;
(b) A description of the specific facts justifying the cancellation;
(c) A copy of this chapter; and
(d) The name, title, address, and telephone number of the insurer's employee who may be contacted regarding cancellation of the policy.
(2) The notice required by this section shall be actually delivered or mailed to the insured by certified mail, return receipt requested, and in addition by first-class mail. A copy of the notice shall, at the time of delivery or mailing to the insured, or the insured's representative in charge of the policy, be mailed to the insurance commissioner.
(3) The insurer shall also comply with the requirements of *RCW 48.18.290 (1)(b), (2) and (3), and shall provide not less than twenty days notice of cancellation to each mortgagee, pledgee, or other person shown by the policy to have an interest in any loss which may occur thereunder except as provided in subsection (1) of this section.
(4) The portion of any premium paid to the insurer on account of the policy, unearned because of the cancellation and in an amount as computed on a pro rata basis, must be actually paid or mailed to the insured or other person entitled thereto as shown by the policy or any endorsement thereon, as soon as possible, and no later than thirty days after the date that the notice of cancellation was issued.


*Reviser's note: RCW 48.18.290 was amended by 2006 c 8 § 212, changing subsection (1)(b) to subsection (1)(e).
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