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Release of information or evidence by insurer.

(1) Any authorized agency may request, in writing, that an insurer release to the agency any or all relevant information or evidence which the insurer may have in its possession relating to criminal activity, if such information or evidence is deemed important by the agency in its discretion.
(2) An insurer who has reason to believe that a person participated or is participating in criminal activity relating to a contract of insurance may report relevant information to an authorized agency.
(3) The information provided to an authorized agency under this section may include, without limitation:
(a) Pertinent insurance policy information relating to a claim under investigation and any application for such a policy;
(b) Policy premium payment records which are available;
(c) History of previous claims in which the person was involved; and
(d) Material relating to the investigation of the loss, including statements of any person, proof of loss, and any other evidence found in the investigation.
(4) The insurer receiving a request under subsection (1) of this section shall furnish all relevant information requested to the agency within a reasonable time, orally or in writing.


Effective date1995 c 285: See RCW 48.30A.900.
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