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ContractParticipant liability.

(1) Subject to subsection (2) of this section, every contract between a health maintenance organization and its participating providers of health care services shall be in writing and shall set forth that in the event the health maintenance organization fails to pay for health care services as set forth in the agreement, the enrolled participant shall not be liable to the provider for any sums owed by the health maintenance organization. Every such contract shall provide that this requirement shall survive termination of the contract.
(2) The provisions of subsection (1) of this section shall not apply:
(a) To emergency care from a provider who is not a participating provider;
(b) To out-of-area services;
(c) To the delivery of covered pediatric oral services that are substantially equal to the essential health benefits benchmark plan; or
(d) In exceptional situations approved in advance by the commissioner, if the health maintenance organization is unable to negotiate reasonable and cost-effective participating provider contracts.
(3) No participating provider, or insurance producer, trustee, or assignee thereof, may maintain an action against an enrolled participant to collect sums owed by the health maintenance organization.


Intent2016 c 122: "It is the intent of the legislature to allow certain provider compensation exhibits to remain confidential by making permanent the provisions of chapter 277, Laws of 2013, which currently expire July 1, 2017, thereby maintaining efficient review and approval of health care plans by the insurance commissioner and fostering innovation in the Washington health insurance market." [ 2016 c 122 § 1.]
SeverabilityEffective date2008 c 217: See notes following RCW 48.03.020.
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