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Commencement of proceedingVenueEffect of appellate review.

(1) Proceedings under this chapter involving a domestic insurer shall be commenced in the superior court for the county in which is located the insurer's home office or, at the election of the commissioner, in the superior court for Thurston county. Proceedings under this chapter involving other insurers shall be commenced in the superior court for Thurston county.
(2) The commissioner shall commence any such proceeding, the attorney general representing him or her, by an application to the court or to any judge thereof, for an order directing the insurer to show cause why the commissioner should not have the relief prayed for.
(3) Upon a showing of an emergency or threat of imminent loss to policyholders of the insurer the court may issue an ex parte order authorizing the commissioner immediately to take over the premises and assets of the insurer, the commissioner then to preserve the status quo, pending a hearing on the order to show cause, which shall be heard as soon as the court calendar permits in preference to other civil cases.
(4) In response to any order to show cause issued under this chapter the insurer shall have the burden of going forward with and producing evidence to show why the relief prayed for by the commissioner is not required.
(5) On the return of such order to show cause, and after a full hearing, the court shall either deny the relief sought in the application or grant the relief sought in the application together with such other relief as the nature of the case and the interest of policyholders, creditors, stockholders, members, subscribers, or the public may require.
(6) No appellate review of a superior court order, entered after a hearing, granting the commissioner's petition to rehabilitate an insurer or to carry out an insolvency proceeding under this chapter, shall stay the action of the commissioner in the discharge of his responsibilities under this chapter, pending a decision by the appellate court in the matter.
(7) In any proceeding under this chapter the commissioner and his or her deputies shall be responsible on their official bonds for the faithful performance of their duties. If the court deems it desirable for the protection of the assets, it may at any time require an additional bond from the commissioner or his or her deputies.
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SeverabilityImplementation1993 c 462: See RCW 48.31B.901 and 48.31B.902.
Severability1988 c 202: See note following RCW 2.24.050.
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