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RebateAcceptance prohibited.

(1) No insured person shall receive or accept, directly or indirectly, any rebate of premium or part thereof, or any favor, advantage, share in dividends, or other benefits, or any valuable consideration or inducement not specified or provided for in the policy, or any commission on any insurance policy to which he or she is not lawfully entitled as a licensed insurance producer or title insurance agent. The retention by the nominal policyholder in any group life insurance contract of any part of any dividend or reduction of premium thereon contrary to the provisions of RCW 48.24.260, shall be deemed the acceptance and receipt of a rebate and shall be punishable as provided by this code.
(2) The amount of insurance whereon the insured has so received or accepted any such rebate or any such commission, other than as to life or disability insurances, shall be reduced in the proportion that the amount or value of the rebate or commission bears to the premium for such insurance. In addition to such reduction of insurance, if any, any such insured shall be liable to a fine of not more than two hundred dollars.
(3) This section shall not apply to an offset or reimbursement of all or part of a fee paid to an insurance producer as provided in RCW 48.17.270.
[ 2008 c 217 § 38; 1994 c 203 § 4; 1947 c 79 § .30.17; Rem. Supp. 1947 § 45.30.17.]


SeverabilityEffective date2008 c 217: See notes following RCW 48.03.020.
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