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Rating organizationsLicense suspension and revocation.

(1) The commissioner may, after a hearing, suspend or revoke the license issued to a rating organization for any of the following causes:
(a) The commissioner finds that the licensee no longer meets the qualifications for the license.
(b) The rating organization fails to comply with an order of the commissioner within the time limited by the order, or any extension thereof which the commissioner may grant.
(2) The commissioner shall not so suspend or revoke a license for failure to comply with an order until the time prescribed by this code for an appeal from such order to the superior court has expired or if such appeal has been taken, until such order has been affirmed.
(3) The commissioner may determine when a suspension or revocation of license is effective. A suspension of license remains in effect for the period fixed by the commissioner, unless the commissioner modifies or rescinds the suspension, or until the order, failure to comply with which constituted grounds for the suspension, is modified, rescinded, or reversed.
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