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"Blanket disability insurance" defined.

(1) Any policy or contract of disability insurance which conforms with the description and complies with the requirements contained in one of the following six paragraphs shall be deemed a blanket disability insurance policy:
(a) A policy issued to any common carrier of passengers, which carrier shall be deemed the policyholder, covering a group defined as all persons who may become such passengers, and whereby such passengers shall be insured against loss or damage resulting from death or bodily injury either while, or as a result of, being such passengers.
(b) A policy issued in the name of any volunteer fire department, first aid or ambulance squad or volunteer police organization, which shall be deemed the policyholder, and covering all the members of any such organization against loss from accidents resulting from hazards incidental to duties in connection with such organizations.
(c) A policy issued in the name of any established organization whether incorporated or not, having community recognition and operated for the welfare of the community and its members and not for profit, which shall be deemed the policyholder, and covering all volunteer workers who serve without pecuniary compensation and the members of the organization, against loss from accidents occurring while engaged in the actual performance of duties on behalf of such organization or in the activities thereof.
(d) A policy issued to an employer, who shall be deemed the policyholder, covering any group of employees defined by reference to exceptional hazards incident to such employment, insuring such employees against death or bodily injury resulting while, or from, being exposed to such exceptional hazards.
(e) A policy covering students or employees issued to a college, school, or other institution of learning or to the head or principal thereof, who or which shall be deemed the policyholder.
(f) A policy or contract issued to any other substantially similar group, which, in the commissioner's discretion, may be subject to the insurance of a blanket disability policy or contract.
(2) Nothing contained in this section shall be deemed to affect the liability of policyholders for the death of, or injury to, any such members of such group.
(3) Individual applications shall not be required from individuals covered under a blanket disability insurance contract.
[ 1959 c 225 § 7; 1947 c 79 § .21.04; Rem. Supp. 1947 § 45.21.04.]
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