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Auditing of claimsRequirementsProhibited practices.

An entity that audits claims or an independent third party that contracts with an entity to audit claims:
(1) Must establish, in writing, a procedure for a pharmacy to appeal the entity's findings with respect to a claim and must provide a pharmacy with a notice regarding the procedure, in writing or electronically, prior to conducting an audit of the pharmacy's claims;
(2) May not conduct an audit of a claim more than twenty-four months after the date the claim was adjudicated by the entity;
(3) Must give at least fifteen days' advance written notice of an on-site audit to the pharmacy or corporate headquarters of the pharmacy;
(4) May not conduct an on-site audit during the first five days of any month without the pharmacy's consent;
(5) Must conduct the audit in consultation with a pharmacist who is licensed by this or another state if the audit involves clinical or professional judgment;
(6) May not conduct an on-site audit of more than two hundred fifty unique prescriptions of a pharmacy in any twelve-month period except in cases of alleged fraud;
(7) May not conduct more than one on-site audit of a pharmacy in any twelve-month period;
(8) Must audit each pharmacy under the same standards and parameters that the entity uses to audit other similarly situated pharmacies;
(9) Must pay any outstanding claims of a pharmacy no more than forty-five days after the earlier of the date all appeals are concluded or the date a final report is issued under RCW 48.200.260(3);
(10) May not include dispensing fees or interest in the amount of any overpayment assessed on a claim unless the overpaid claim was for a prescription that was not filled correctly;
(11) May not recoup costs associated with:
(a) Clerical errors; or
(b) Other errors that do not result in financial harm to the entity or a consumer; and
(12) May not charge a pharmacy for a denied or disputed claim until the audit and the appeals procedure established under subsection (1) of this section are final.
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