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Participation by nonprofit corporations from other statesRequirements.

A nonprofit corporation may participate in a joint self-insurance program covering property or liability risks with similar nonprofit corporations from other states if the program satisfies the following requirements:
(1) An ownership interest in the program is limited to some or all of the nonprofit corporations of this state and nonprofit corporations of other states that are provided insurance by the program;
(2) The nonprofit corporations of this state and other states shall elect a board of directors to manage the program, all of whom must be affiliated with one or more of the participating nonprofit corporations;
(3) The program must provide coverage through the delivery to each participating nonprofit corporation of one or more written policies affecting insurance of covered risks;
(4) The program must be financed, including the payment of premiums and the contribution of initial capital, in accordance with the plan of management and operation submitted to the state risk manager in accordance with this chapter;
(5) The financial statements of the program must be audited by a certified public accountant, and these audited financial statements must be delivered to the state risk manager not more than one hundred twenty days after the end of each fiscal year of the program;
(6) The investments of the program must be initiated only with financial institutions or broker-dealers, or both, doing business in those states in which participating nonprofit corporations are located, and these investments must be audited annually by the certified public accountants for the program;
(7) The treasurer of a multistate joint self-insurance program must be designated by resolution of the program and the treasurer must be located in the state of one of the participating entities; and
(8) The program must obtain approval from the state risk manager in accordance with this chapter and must remain in compliance with this chapter, unless exempt from application for reapproval, as granted under RCW 48.180.015.
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