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(1) The commission shall be governed by applicable federal law, this chapter, rules adopted by the board under this chapter, and in the manner of a municipal corporation under the following state and local laws:
(a) Except as provided in (b) and (c) of this subsection, the commission and its board, officials, employees, and agents, shall be governed by the laws of the primary place of business. Such laws include, but are not limited to, laws pertaining to local government audits, financial administration, and accounting requirements; public records; prohibitions on using facilities for campaign purposes; open public meetings; the code of ethics for municipal officers; the rights of public employees; and local government whistleblower protection.
(b) The real estate transactions of, and exercise of eminent domain by, the commission, including relocation assistance; compliance with land use, environmental, and building codes; and such other actions of the commission pertaining to the ownership, control, or use of a particular property site or area as the board may determine by rule shall be governed by the laws of the state and local government within which the particular property site or area is situated.
(c) If there is a conflict between a provision of an otherwise applicable state or local law and a provision of this chapter, this chapter shall govern, and the conflicting provision in state or local law is inapplicable to the commission.
(2) The court of original jurisdiction for any action brought by or against the commission is the court designated pursuant to applicable law.
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