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Commission powers.

(1) In addition to any other powers granted under this chapter, the commission shall have the power to:
(a) Construct, purchase, lease, acquire, own, operate, maintain, control, hold, sell, convey, dispose of, and finance and refinance real and personal property, facilities, materials, supplies, equipment, or any interest therein, within the state of Washington and the bordering state, as the board deems necessary or incidental to the purposes of the commission;
(b) Secure all necessary federal, state, and local authorizations, permits, and approvals for the construction, maintenance, repair, operation, renewal, and financing or refinancing of the bridge;
(c) Adopt, amend, and repeal bylaws, rules, and regulations, consistent with applicable laws and the commission formation agreement, which add specificity to the powers and duties of the commission, clarify or interpret provisions in the commission formation agreement, or clarify or interpret laws and regulations applicable to the commission;
(d) Receive and accept, with or without consideration, from any federal agency, state, local government, or any other public or private source grants, contributions, loans, advances, credit enhancements, or other contributions in money, property, labor, materials, services, or other things of value to accomplish the purposes of the commission;
(e) Invest its moneys in investments permitted for municipal corporations and disburse funds for its lawful purposes;
(f) Make and enter into any contract or agreement the board deems necessary or incidental to the purposes of the commission;
(g) Grant by franchise, lease, or otherwise, the use of any property or facility owned or controlled by the commission and to make charges therefor;
(h) Create and abolish offices, employments, and positions, and employ or contract for professional and other services;
(i) Make and enforce regulations governing the use of facilities owned or controlled by the commission, the services rendered by the commission, and the tolls, fees, and other charges to be made therefor;
(j) Adopt and use a corporate seal;
(k) Sue and be sued in the name of the commission;
(l) Establish such special funds, and controls on deposits to and disbursements from them, as it finds convenient for the implementation of this chapter;
(m) Delegate any of its powers and duties if consistent with the purposes of this chapter;
(n) Perform all other functions necessary or incidental to the purposes of the commission, or to the execution of the powers granted under this chapter; and
(o) Exercise such additional powers as shall be conferred on it by law.
(2) The commission may not impose any taxes or assessments.
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