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System as self-liquidating undertakingPowers of departmentConcessions.

(1) The department is empowered to operate such ferry system, including all operations, whether intrastate or international, upon any route or routes, and toll bridges as a revenue-producing and self-liquidating undertaking. The department has full charge of the construction, rehabilitation, rebuilding, enlarging, improving, operation, and maintenance of the ferry system, including toll bridges, approaches, and roadways incidental thereto that may be authorized by the department, including the collection of tolls and other charges for the services and facilities of the undertaking. The department has the exclusive right to enter into leases and contracts for use and occupancy by other parties of the concessions and space located on the ferries, wharves, docks, approaches, parking lots, and landings, including the selling of commercial advertising space and licenses to use the Washington State Ferries trademarks, but, except as provided in subsection (2) of this section, no such leases or contracts may be entered into for more than ten years, nor without a competitive contract process, except as otherwise provided in this section. The competitive process shall be either an invitation for bids in accordance with the process established by chapter 43.19 RCW, or a request for proposals in accordance with the process established by RCW 47.56.030. All revenues from commercial advertising, concessions, parking, leases, and contracts must be deposited in the Puget Sound ferry operations account in accordance with *RCW 47.60.150.
(2) As part of a joint development agreement under which a public or private developer constructs or installs improvements on ferry system property, the department may lease all or part of such property and improvements to such developers for that period of time, not to exceed fifty-five years, or not to exceed thirty years for those areas located within harbor areas, which the department determines is necessary to allow the developer to make reasonable recovery on its initial investment. Any lease entered into as provided for in this subsection that involves state aquatic lands shall conform with the Washington state Constitution and applicable statutory requirements as determined by the department of natural resources. That portion of the lease rate attributable to the state aquatic lands shall be distributed in the same manner as other lease revenues derived from state aquatic lands as provided in **RCW 79.24.580.
(3) The department shall include in the strategic planning and performance assessment process, as required by RCW 43.88.090, an analysis of the compatibility of public and private partnerships with the state ferry system's core business, and the department's efforts to maximize nonfarebox revenues and provide benefit to the public users of the ferry system facilities. The department shall include an assessment of the need for an open solicitation to identify and select possible public or private partnerships in order to maximize the value of projects and the state's investment in current and future ferry system operations.
(a) When the department determines that an open solicitation is necessary, a request for proposal shall be released, consisting of an open solicitation outlining functional specifications to be used as the basis for selecting partnerships in the project.
(b) Any responses to the request for proposal shall be evaluated, at a minimum, on the basis of compatibility with the state ferry system's core business, potential to maximize nonfarebox revenue, longevity of the possible partnership commitment, and benefit to the public users of the ferry system facilities.
(c) If no responses are received, or those that are received are incompatible with ferry system operations, or do not meet the criteria stated in (b) of this subsection, the state ferry system may proceed with state ferry system operating strategies designed to achieve state ferry system objectives without established partnerships.


Reviser's note: *(1) RCW 47.60.150 was repealed by 2007 c 512 § 16.
**(2) RCW 79.24.580 was recodified as RCW 79.90.245 pursuant to 2003 c 334 § 569. RCW 79.90.245 was subsequently recodified as RCW 79.105.150 pursuant to 2005 c 155 § 1003.
Effective date1995 1st sp.s. c 4: See note following RCW 47.56.030.
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