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The Transportation Innovative Partnerships Act is created for the planning, acquisition, design, financing, management, development, construction, reconstruction, replacement, improvement, maintenance, preservation, repair, and operation of transportation projects. The goals of this chapter are to:
(1) Reduce the cost of transportation project delivery;
(2) Recover transportation investment costs;
(3) Develop an expedited project delivery process;
(4) Encourage business investment in public infrastructure;
(5) Use any fund source outside the state treasury, where financially advantageous and in the public interest;
(6) Maximize innovation;
(7) Develop partnerships between and among private entities and the public sector for the advancement of public purposes on mutually beneficial terms;
(8) Create synergies between and among public sector entities to develop projects that serve both transportation and other important public purposes; and
(9) Access specialized construction management and project management services and techniques available in the private sector.
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