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(1) The legislature finds that the public-private transportation initiatives act created under chapter 47.46 RCW has not met the needs and expectations of the public or private sectors for the development of transportation projects. The legislature intends to phase out chapter 47.46 RCW coincident with the completion of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge - SR 16 public-private partnership. From July 24, 2005, this chapter will provide a more desirable and effective approach to developing transportation projects in partnership with the private sector by applying lessons learned from other states and from this state's ten-year experience with chapter 47.46 RCW.
(2) It is the legislature's intent to achieve the following goals through the creation of this new approach to public-private partnerships:
(a) To provide a well-defined mechanism to facilitate the collaboration between public and private entities in transportation;
(b) To bring innovative thinking from the private sector and other states to bear on public projects within the state;
(c) To provide greater flexibility in achieving the transportation projects; and
(d) To allow for creative cost and risk sharing between the public and private partners.
(3) The legislature intends that the powers granted in this chapter to the commission or department are in addition to any powers granted under chapter 47.56 RCW.
(4) It is further the intent of the legislature that an expert review panel be established for each project developed under chapter 334, Laws of 2006. Expert review panels shall be responsible for reviewing selected proposals, analyzing and reviewing tentative agreements, and making recommendations to the governor and the transportation commission on the advisability of executing agreements under chapter 334, Laws of 2006.


Effective date2006 c 334: See note following RCW 47.01.051.
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