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Liability coverageRight of action saved.

In lieu of the surety bond as provided in this chapter, there may be deposited and kept on file and in force with the director a public liability insurance policy covering each and every motor vehicle operated or intended to be so operated, executed by an insurance company licensed and authorized to write such insurance policies in the state of Washington, assuring the applicant for a permit against property damage and personal liability to the public, with the premiums paid and payment noted thereon. Said policy of insurance shall provide a minimum coverage equal and identical to the coverage required by the aforesaid surety bond, specified under the provisions of RCW 46.72.040. No provisions of this chapter shall be construed to limit the right of any injured person to any private right of action against a for hire operator as herein defined.
[ 1973 c 15 § 2; 1967 c 32 § 83; 1961 c 12 § 46.72.050. Prior: 1947 c 253 § 5; Rem. Supp. 1947 § 6386-5. Formerly RCW 81.72.050.]
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