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Powers, duties.

(1) The Washington auto theft prevention authority may obtain or contract for staff services, including an executive director, and any facilities and equipment as the authority requires to carry out its duties.
(2) The director may enter into contracts with any public or private organization to carry out the purposes of this section and RCW 46.66.010, 46.66.020, and 46.66.040 through 46.66.080.
(3) The authority shall review and make recommendations to the legislature and the governor regarding motor vehicle theft in Washington state. In preparing the recommendations, the authority shall, at a minimum, review the following issues:
(a) Determine the scope of the problem of motor vehicle theft, including:
(i) Particular areas of the state where the problem is the greatest;
(ii) Annual data reported by local law enforcement regarding the number of reported thefts, investigations, recovered vehicles, arrests, and convictions; and
(iii) An assessment of estimated funds needed to hire sufficient investigators to respond to all reported thefts.
(b) Analyze the various methods of combating the problem of motor vehicle theft;
(c) Develop and implement a plan of operation; and
(d) Develop and implement a financial plan.
(4) The authority is not a law enforcement agency and may not gather, collect, or disseminate intelligence information for the purpose of investigating specific crimes or pursuing or capturing specific perpetrators. Members of the authority may not exercise general authority peace officer powers while acting in their capacity as members of the authority, unless the exercise of peace officer powers is necessary to prevent an imminent threat to persons or property.
(5) The authority shall annually report its activities, findings, and recommendations during the preceding year to the legislature by December 31st.
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