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Permit required—Inspections of equipment and facilities.

(1) A registered operator shall apply for and keep current a tow truck permit for each tow truck of which the operator is the registered owner. Application for a tow truck permit shall be accompanied by a report from the Washington state patrol covering a physical inspection of each tow truck capable of being used by the applicant.
(2) Upon receipt of the fee provided in RCW 46.55.030(4) and a satisfactory inspection report from the state patrol, the department shall issue each tow truck an annual tow truck permit or decal. The class of the tow truck, determined according to RCW 46.55.050, shall be stamped on the permit or decal. The permit or decal shall be displayed on the passenger side of the truck's front windshield.
(3) A tow truck number from the department shall be affixed in a permanent manner to each tow truck.
(4) The Washington state patrol shall conduct annual inspections of tow truck operators' equipment and facilities during the operators' normal business hours. Unscheduled inspections may be conducted without notice at the operator's place of business by an inspector to determine the fitness of a tow truck or facilities. At the time of the inspection, the operator shall provide a paper copy of the master log referred to in RCW 46.55.080.
(5) If at the time of the annual or subsequent inspections the equipment does not meet the requirements of this chapter, and the deficiency is a safety related deficiency, or the equipment is necessary to the truck's performance, the inspector shall cause the registered tow truck operator to remove that equipment from service as a tow truck until such time as the equipment has been satisfactorily repaired. A red tag shall be placed on the windshield of a tow truck taken out of service, and the tow truck shall not provide tow truck service until the Washington state patrol recertifies the truck and removes the tag.
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