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Special permitsDetermining feeTo whom paid.

In determining fees according to RCW 46.44.0941, mileage on state primary and secondary highways shall be determined from the planning survey records of the department of transportation, and the gross weight of the vehicle or vehicles, including load, shall be declared by the applicant. Overweight on which fees shall be paid will be gross loadings in excess of loadings authorized by law or axle loadings in excess of loadings authorized by law, whichever is the greater. Loads which are overweight and oversize shall be charged the fee for the overweight permit without additional fees being assessed for the oversize features.
Special permits issued under RCW 46.44.047, 46.44.0941, or 46.44.095, may be obtained from offices of the department of transportation, ports of entry, or other agents appointed by the department.
The department may appoint agents for the purposes of selling special motor vehicle permits, temporary additional tonnage permits, and log tolerance permits. Agents so appointed may retain three dollars and fifty cents for each permit sold to defray expenses incurred in handling and selling the permits. If the fee is collected by the department of transportation, the department shall certify the fee so collected to the state treasurer for deposit to the credit of the motor vehicle fund.
The department may select a third party contractor, by means of competitive bid, to perform the department's permit issuance function, as provided under RCW 46.44.090. Factors the department shall consider, but is not limited to, in the selection of a third party contractor are economic benefit to both the department and the motor carrier industry, and enhancement of the overall level of permit service. For purposes of this section, "third party contractor" means a business entity that is authorized by the department to issue special permits. The department of transportation may adopt rules specifying the criteria that a business entity must meet in order to qualify as a third party contractor under this section.
Fees established in RCW 46.44.0941 shall be paid to the political body issuing the permit if the entire movement is to be confined to roads, streets, or highways for which that political body is responsible. When a movement involves a combination of state highways, county roads, and/or city streets the fee shall be paid to the department of transportation. When a movement is confined within the city limits of a city or town upon city streets, including routes of state highways on city streets, all fees shall be paid to the city or town involved. A permit will not be required from city or town authorities for a move involving a combination of city or town streets and state highways when the move through a city or town is being confined to the route of the state highway. When a move involves a combination of county roads and city streets the fee shall be paid to the county authorities, but the fee shall not be collected nor the county permit issued until valid permits are presented showing that the city or town authorities approve of the move in question. When the movement involves only county roads the fees collected shall be paid to the county involved. Fees established shall be paid to the political body issuing the permit if the entire use of the vehicle during the period covered by the permit shall be confined to the roads, streets, or highways for which that political body is responsible.
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Effective date2006 c 334: See note following RCW 47.01.051.
Effective date of 1993 c 102 and c 1231993 sp.s. c 23: See note following RCW 46.16A.455.
Effective datesSeverability1975-'76 2nd ex.s. c 64: See notes following RCW 46.16A.455.
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