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Review of impact fee deferral requirements. (Expires January 1, 2022.)

(1) The joint legislative audit and review committee must review the impact fee deferral requirements of RCW 82.02.050(3). The review must consist of an examination of issued impact fee deferrals, including: (a) The number of deferrals requested of and issued by counties, cities, and towns; (b) the type of impact fee deferred; (c) the monetary amount of deferrals, by jurisdiction; (d) whether the deferral process was efficiently administered; (e) the number of deferrals that were not fully and timely paid; and (f) the costs to counties, cities, and towns for collecting timely and delinquent fees. The review must also include an evaluation of whether the impact fee deferral process required by RCW 82.02.050(3) was effective in providing a locally administered process for the deferral and full payment of impact fees.
(2) The review required by this section must, in accordance with RCW 43.01.036, be submitted to the appropriate committees of the house of representatives and the senate on or before September 1, 2021.
(3) In complying with this section, and in accordance with RCW 43.31.980, the joint legislative audit and review committee must make its collected data and associated materials available, upon request, to the department of commerce.
(4) This section expires January 1, 2022.


Effective date2015 c 241: "This act takes effect September 1, 2016." [ 2015 c 241 § 5.]
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