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Education performance agreement pilotEvaluation.

The joint committee shall conduct an evaluation of the higher education performance agreement pilot test under *RCW 28B.10.920 through 28B.10.922 and make recommendations regarding changes to the substance or process of creating the agreements, including whether the performance agreement process should be continued and expanded to include additional higher education institutions. The evaluation shall be submitted to the governor and the higher education committees of the senate and house of representatives by November 1, 2014.


*Reviser's note: RCW 28B.10.920 through 28B.10.922 were repealed by 2011 1st sp.s. c 10 § 26. RCW 28B.10.922 was also repealed by 2011 1st sp.s c 21 § 18.
FindingsIntent2008 c 160: "(1) The legislature finds that in the last ten years, significant progress has been made to identify and monitor accountability and performance measures in higher education, both internally in institutions and externally in the legislative and state policymaking environment.
(2) However, the legislature further finds that opportunities exist to promote greater visibility of performance measures among policymakers and among the public consumers of higher education. Policy decisions, including decisions about resource allocation, should be made with greater knowledge and a shared understanding about the tradeoffs between resources, flexibility, and desired outcomes. A forum should be created to allow discussion among policymakers and institution leaders about setting outcome-oriented priorities, targeting of investments, linking operating and capital planning, and creating a longer-term view than the biennial budget cycle typically permits.
(3) Therefore, the legislature intends to implement a process for such discussions, agreements, and planning to occur. The process of crafting higher education performance agreements will be pilot-tested over a six-year period with the public four-year institutions of higher education beginning in 2008." [ 2008 c 160 § 1.]
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