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Rates of charges for waterPayment into bond redemption fundGrants and loansContracts.

(1) The department of ecology shall, by rule, establish rates of charges for all waters delivered from such facilities as constructed by the department with funds provided in RCW 43.83B.385 (2) or (3). Where the department provides water to public or municipal corporations or other governmental bodies having authority to distribute water, the payment for the water may be made pursuant to contract over a period not exceeding twenty-five years from the date of delivery. In all other cases, the department shall obtain payment for waters prior to its delivery to a purchaser. All payments received shall be deposited into the state emergency water projects bond redemption fund of 1977.
(2) Public bodies, eligible to obtain funds through grants or loans or combinations thereof under the provisions of *RCW 43.83B.300 through 43.83B.345 and 43.83B.210 as now or hereafter amended, are authorized to enter into contracts with the department of ecology for the purpose of repaying loans authorized by RCW 43.83B.380 and 43.83B.385 and for the purpose of purchasing water under this section.
(3) The department of ecology is authorized to enter into appropriate contracts to ensure effective delivery of water and the operation and maintenance of facilities constructed pursuant to *RCW 43.83B.300 through 43.83B.385, 43.83B.901, and 43.83B.210.


*Reviser's note: RCW 43.83B.305 through 43.83B.330 and 43.83B.340 through 43.83B.344 were repealed by 1989 c 171 § 12. RCW 43.83B.355 and 43.83B.365 through 43.83B.375 were decodified pursuant to 2015 1st sp.s. c 4 § 23.
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