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Standardized health plans.

(1) The exchange, in consultation with the commissioner, the authority, an independent actuary, and other stakeholders, must establish up to three standardized health plans for each of the bronze, silver, and gold levels.
(a) The standardized health plans must be designed to reduce deductibles, make more services available before the deductible, provide predictable cost sharing, maximize subsidies, limit adverse premium impacts, reduce barriers to maintaining and improving health, and encourage choice based on value, while limiting increases in health plan premium rates.
(b) The exchange may update the standardized health plans annually.
(c) The exchange must provide a notice and public comment period before finalizing each year's standardized health plans.
(d) The exchange must provide written notice of the standardized health plans to licensed health carriers by January 31st before the year in which the health plans are to be offered on the exchange. The exchange may make modifications to the standardized plans after January 31st to comply with changes to state or federal law or regulations.
(2)(a) Beginning January 1, 2021, any health carrier offering a qualified health plan on the exchange must offer one silver standardized health plan and one gold standardized health plan on the exchange. If a health carrier offers a bronze health plan on the exchange, it must offer one bronze standardized health plan on the exchange.
(b)(i) A health plan offering a standardized health plan under this section may also offer nonstandardized health plans on the exchange.
(ii) The exchange, in consultation with the office of the insurance commissioner, shall analyze the impact to exchange consumers of offering only standard plans beginning in 2025 and submit a report to the appropriate committees of the legislature by December 1, 2023. The report must include an analysis of how plan choice and affordability will be impacted for exchange consumers across the state.
(iii) The actuarial value of nonstandardized silver health plans offered on the exchange may not be less than the actuarial value of the standardized silver health plan with the lowest actuarial value.
(c) A health carrier offering a standardized health plan on the exchange under this section must continue to meet all requirements for qualified health plan certification under RCW 43.71.065 including, but not limited to, requirements relating to rate review and network adequacy.
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