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Building communities fund programAccountability and reporting standardsAnnual report.

(1) The department shall develop accountability and reporting standards for grant recipients. At a minimum, the department shall use the criteria listed in RCW 43.63A.125(2)(b) to evaluate the progress of each grant recipient.
(2) Beginning January 1, 2011, the department shall submit an annual report to the appropriate committees of the legislature, including:
(a) A list of projects currently under contract with the department under the building communities fund program; a description of each project, its total cost, the amount of state funding awarded and expended to date, the project status, the number of low-income people served, and the extent to which the project has met the criteria in RCW 43.63A.125(2)(b); and
(b) Recommendations, if any, for policy and programmatic changes to the building communities fund program to better achieve program objectives.
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