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Home-matching programPilot programs.

(1) The department may develop and administer a home-matching program for the purpose of providing grants and technical assistance to eligible organizations to operate local home-matching programs. For purposes of this section, "eligible organizations" are those organizations eligible to receive assistance through the Washington housing trust fund, chapter 43.185 RCW.
(2) The department may select up to five eligible organizations for the purpose of implementing a local home-matching program. The local home-matching programs are designed to facilitate: (a) Intergenerational homesharing involving older homeowners sharing homes with younger persons; (b) homesharing arrangements that involve an exchange of services such as cooking, housework, gardening, or babysitting for room and board or some financial consideration such as rent; and (c) the more efficient use of available housing.
(3) In selecting local pilot programs under this section, the department shall consider:
(a) The eligible organization's ability, stability, and resources to implement the local home-matching program;
(b) The eligible organization's efforts to coordinate other support services needed by the individual or family participating in the local home-matching program; and
(c) Other factors the department deems appropriate.
(4) The eligible organizations shall establish criteria for participation in the local home-matching program. The eligible organization shall make a determination of eligibility regarding the individuals' or families' participation in the local home-matching program. The determination shall include, but is not limited to a verification of the individual's or family's history of making rent payments in a consistent and timely manner.
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