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Retired senior volunteer programs (RSVP)Funds distribution.

(1) Each biennium the department of commerce shall distribute such funds as are appropriated for retired senior volunteer programs (RSVP) as follows:
(a) At least sixty-five percent of the moneys may be distributed according to formulae and criteria to be determined by the department of commerce in consultation with the RSVP directors association.
(b) Up to twenty percent of the moneys may be distributed by competitive grant process to develop RSVP projects in counties not presently being served, or to expand existing RSVP services into counties not presently served.
(c) Ten percent of the moneys may be used by the department of commerce for administration, monitoring of the grants, and providing technical assistance to the RSVP projects.
(d) Up to five percent of the moneys may be used to support projects that will benefit RSVPs statewide.
(2) Grants under subsection (1) of this section shall give priority to programs in the areas of education, tutoring, English as a second language, combating of and education on drug abuse, housing and homeless, and respite care, and shall be distributed in accordance with the following:
(a) None of the grant moneys may be used to displace any paid employee in the area being served.
(b) Grants shall be made for programs that focus on:
(i) Developing new roles for senior volunteers in nonprofit and public organizations with special emphasis on areas targeted in section 1, chapter 65, Laws of 1992. The roles shall reflect the diversity of the local senior population and shall respect their life experiences;
(ii) Increasing the expertise of volunteer managers and RSVP managers in the areas of communication, recruitment, motivation, and retention of today's over-sixty population;
(iii) Increasing the number of senior citizens recruited, referred, and placed with nonprofit and public organizations; and
(iv) Providing volunteer support such as: Mileage to and from the volunteer assignment, recognition, and volunteer insurance.


Explanatory statement2023 c 470: See note following RCW 10.99.030.
Effective date1993 c 280: See RCW 43.330.902.
Findings1992 c 65: "The legislature finds that there is a growing number of citizens in the state over the age of sixty who have much to offer their fellow citizens and communities through volunteer service. The legislature further finds that public programs for education, at-risk youth, adult literacy, and combating drug abuse have benefited from and are still in need of the assistance of skilled retired senior volunteer programs volunteers. In addition the legislature further finds that public programs for developmentally disabled, environmental protection, corrections, crime prevention, mental health, long-term and respite care, and housing and homeless, among others, are also in need of volunteer assistance from the retired senior volunteer program.
Therefore, the legislature intends to encourage the increased involvement of senior volunteers by providing funding throughout Washington to promote the development and enhancement of such programs." [ 1992 c 65 § 1.]
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