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RecordsInspectionCopyingRequests for purge or modificationAppeals.

(1) Any individual shall have the right to inspect or request a copy of the criminal history record information on file with the section which refers to the individual. If the individual believes such information to be inaccurate or incomplete, he or she may request the section to purge, modify or supplement it and to advise such persons or agencies who have received his or her record and whom the individual designates to modify it accordingly. Should the section decline to so act, or should the individual believe the section's decision to be otherwise unsatisfactory, the individual may appeal such decision to the superior court in the county in which he or she is resident, or the county from which the disputed record emanated or Thurston county. The court shall in such case conduct a de novo hearing, and may order such relief as it finds to be just and equitable.
(2) The section may prescribe reasonable hours and a place for inspection, and may impose such additional restrictions, including fingerprinting, as are reasonably necessary both to assure the record's security and to verify the identities of those who seek to inspect them: PROVIDED, That the section may charge a reasonable fee for fingerprinting or for providing a copy of the criminal history record information pursuant to subsection (1) of this section.
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