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Criteria for new board or commission not established or required by statute.

*** CHANGE IN 2019 *** (SEE 5311-S.SL) ***
When acting on a request to establish a new board or commission under RCW 43.41.240, the director of the office of financial management shall consider the following criteria giving priority in the order listed:
(1) If approval is critical to public safety, health, or welfare or to the effectiveness of state government;
(2) If approval will not result in duplication of the work or responsibilities of another governmental agency;
(3) If approval will not have a significant impact on state revenues;
(4) If approval is for a limited duration or on an ad hoc basis;
(5) If the work of the board or commission could be effectively done by a nonpublic entity;
(6) If approval will result in significant enhancement of expertise in state government; and
(7) If approval will result in operational efficiencies other than fiscal savings.


DeclarationPurposeEffective date1994 sp.s. c 9 §§ 872-876: See notes following RCW 43.41.220.
SeverabilityHeadings and captions not lawEffective date1994 sp.s. c 9: See RCW 18.79.900 through 18.79.902.
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