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Budgeting processAgencies implementing energy conservation to retain cost savings.

The office of financial management shall ensure that to the extent possible the budget process shall allow state agencies implementing energy conservation to retain the resulting cost savings for other purposes, including further energy conservation.


Severability1989 c 11: See note following RCW 9A.56.220.
Findings1986 c 325: "The legislature finds that:
(1) Capital investments in energy conservation in buildings can produce significant reductions in energy use, reducing the need to import or extract fossil fuels and lowering the cost of operating buildings.
(2) The state of Washington has an obligation to operate state buildings efficiently and to implement all cost-effective energy conservation measures so that citizens are assured that public funds are spent wisely and so that citizens have an example of the savings possible from energy conservation.
(3) The state has completed energy consumption and walk-through surveys of its buildings and other facilities and has established a schedule for technical assistance studies which is the basis for implementing energy conservation measure installations to meet the milestones in RCW 43.19.680. However, there is uncertainty that the milestones will be met.
(4) The potential savings from energy conservation can be more readily realized by explicitly considering conservation measures and procedures in the state's budgeting and long-range planning process." [ 1986 c 325 § 1.]
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