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The legislature recognizes the motion picture industry in Washington as a valuable commodity contributing greatly to the economic vitality of the state and the cultural integrity of our communities. The legislature further recognizes the production of in-state motion pictures, television programs, and television commercials creates a marked increase in tourism, family-wage jobs, and the sale of local goods and services generating revenue for the state. Furthermore, with captive national and international audiences, the world is introduced to the state's pristine scenic venues and reminded that the Pacific Northwest is a great place to live and raise a family. The legislature also recognizes the inherent educational value of promoting arts and culture as well as the benefits of training young motion picture professionals who will build a fruitful industry for years to come.
The legislature finds in recent years that the state has realized a drastic decline in motion picture production that precludes economic expansion and threatens the state's reputation as a production destination. With the emergence of tax incentives in thirty states nationwide, in-state producers are taking their projects to more competitive economic climates, such as Oregon and Vancouver, British Columbia, where compelling tax incentive packages and subsidies are already in effect.
The legislature also finds that in recent years increasingly workers in Washington state are without health insurance coverage and retirement income protections, causing hardships on workers and their families and higher costs to the state.
Therefore, it is the intent of the legislature to recognize both national and international competition in the motion picture production marketplace. The legislature is committed to leveling the competitive playing field and interested in a partnership with the private sector to regain Washington's place as a premier destination to make motion pictures, television, and television commercials. While at the same time the legislature is committed to ensuring that workers in the motion picture and television industry are covered under health insurance and retirement income plans.
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