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Andy Hill cancer research endowment program.

(1) The Andy Hill cancer research endowment program is created. The purpose of the program is to make grants to public and private entities, including commercial entities, to fund or reimburse the entities pursuant to agreement for the promotion of cancer research to be conducted in the state. The endowment is to oversee and guide the program, including the solicitation, selection, and award of grants.
(2) The board must develop a plan for the allocation of projected amounts in the fund, which it must update annually, following at least one annual public hearing. The plan must provide for appropriate funding continuity and take into account the projected speed at which revenues will be available and amounts that can be spent during the plan period.
(3) The endowment must solicit requests for grant funding and evaluate the requests by reference to factors such as: (a) The quality of the proposed research or program; (b) its potential to improve health outcomes of persons with cancer, with particular attention to the likelihood that it will also lower health care costs, substitute for a more costly diagnostic or treatment modality, or offer a breakthrough treatment for a particular cancer or cancer-related condition or disease; (c) its potential for leveraging additional funding; (d) its potential to provide additional health care benefits or benefit other human diseases or conditions; (e) its potential to stimulate life science, health care, and biomedical employment in the state; (f) the geographic diversity of the grantees within Washington; (g) evidence of potential royalty, sales, or licensing revenue, or other commercialization-related revenue and contractual means to recapture such income for purposes of this chapter; (h) evidence of public and private collaboration; (i) the ability to offer trial participants information in a language other than English; (j) the ability to provide culturally specific recruitment materials alongside general enrollment materials; (k) the ability to provide electronic consent when not prohibited by other granting entities or federal regulations; and (l) other evidence of outreach and engagement to increase participation of underrepresented communities in clinical trials of drugs and medical devices.
(4) The endowment may not award a grant for a proposal that was not recommended by an independent expert scientific review and advisory committee under RCW 43.348.050.
(5) The endowment must issue an annual report to the public that sets forth its activities with respect to the fund, including grants awarded, grant-funded work in progress, research accomplishments, prevention, and care activities, and future program directions with respect to cancer research, prevention, and care. Each annual report regarding activities of the program and fund must include, but not be limited to, the following: The number and dollar amounts of grants; the grantees for the prior year; the endowment's administrative expenses; an assessment of the availability of funding for cancer research, prevention, and care from sources other than the endowment; a summary of research, prevention, and care-related findings, including promising new areas for investment; and a report on the benefits to Washington of its programs to date.
(6) The endowment's first annual report must include a proposed operating plan for the design, implementation, and administration of an endowment program supporting the purposes of the endowment and program.
(7) The endowment must adopt policies to ensure that all potential conflicts have been disclosed and that all conflicts have been eliminated or mitigated.
(8) The endowment must establish standards to ensure that recipients of grants for cancer research, prevention, or care purchase goods and services from Washington suppliers to the extent reasonably possible.
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