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Financing powers.

In addition to other powers and duties prescribed in this chapter, the authority is empowered to:
(1) Establish a stable source of revenue to be used for the purposes designated in this chapter;
(2) Enter into sales agreements with the state for purchase of a portion of the amounts otherwise due to the state under the master settlement agreement, and of the state's rights to receive such amounts;
(3) Issue bonds, the interest and gain on which may or may not be exempt from general federal income taxation, in one or more series, and to refund or refinance its debt and obligations;
(4) Sell, pledge, or assign, as security, all or a portion of the revenues derived by the authority under any sales agreement, to provide for and secure the issuance of its bonds;
(5) Provide for the investment of any funds, including funds held in reserve, not required for immediate disbursement, and provide for the selection of investments;
(6) Manage its funds, obligations, and investments as necessary and as consistent with its purpose; and
(7) Implement the purposes of this chapter.
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