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Grant recipient reportingReports by grant review committee. (Expires July 1, 2022.)

(1) Each eligible applicant that receives a matching grant shall submit a quarterly report and an annual report to the grant review committee on the outcomes achieved. The grant recipient shall include in the report at least the following measurable outcomes:
(a) The manner in which the grant recipient has used the matching grant for outreach and recruitment;
(b) The number of participants enrolled in and the number of participants who completed the training program being promoted, both before the matching grant was awarded and since the matching grant was received;
(c) The number of participants who obtained employment in an industry for which the participant was trained under the training program promoted by the recipient, including information about the industry in which the participants are employed;
(d) The number of participants recruited; and
(e) Any other information the grant review committee determines appropriate.
(2) By December 1, 2019, and by each December 1st thereafter, the grant review committee shall submit an annual report to the governor and appropriate committees of the legislature in accordance with the reporting requirements in RCW 43.01.036. The report must include:
(a) The number of matching grants awarded in the prior year, including the amount, recipient, and duration of each matching grant;
(b) The number of individuals who enrolled in and completed training programs promoted by each grant recipient;
(c) The number of individuals who obtained employment in a position that uses the skills for which they were trained through a training program promoted by a grant recipient; and
(d) Other information obtained from grant recipients' reports under subsection (1) of this section.
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