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Authority of office.

The office of international relations and protocol may:
(1) Create temporary advisory committees as necessary to deal with specific international issues. Advisory committee representation may include external organizations such as the Seattle consular corps, world affairs councils, public ports, world trade organizations, private nonprofit organizations dealing with international education or international environmental issues, organizations concerned with international understanding, businesses with experience in international relations, or other organizations deemed appropriate by the director.
(2) Accept or request grants or gifts from citizens and other private sources to be used to defray the costs of appropriate hosting of foreign dignitaries, including appropriate gift-giving and reciprocal gift-giving, or other activities of the office. The office shall open and maintain a bank account into which it shall deposit all money received under this subsection. Such money and the interest accruing thereon shall not constitute public funds, shall be kept segregated and apart from funds of the state, and shall not be subject to appropriation or allotment by the state or subject to chapter 43.88 RCW.
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