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Certified installer required on-siteInfractionExceptions.

After July 1, 1995, a mobile or manufactured home may not be installed without a certified manufactured home installer providing on-site supervision whenever installation work is being performed. The certified manufactured home installer is responsible for the reading, understanding, and following [of] the manufacturer's installation instructions and performance of noncertified workers engaged in the installation of the home. There shall be at least one certified manufactured home installer on the installation site whenever installation work is being performed.
A manufactured home installer certification shall not be required for:
(1) Site preparation;
(2) Sewer and water connections outside of the building site;
(3) Specialty trades that are responsible for constructing accessory structures such as garages, carports, and decks;
(4) Pouring concrete into forms;
(5) Painting and dry wall finishing;
(6) Carpet installation;
(7) Specialty work performed within the scope of their license by licensed plumbers or electricians. This provision does not waive or lessen any state regulations related to licensing or permits required for electricians or plumbers;
(8) A mobile or manufactured homeowner performing installation work on their own home; and
(9) A manufacturer's mobile home installation crew installing a mobile or manufactured home sold by the manufacturer except for the on-site supervisor.
Violation of this section is an infraction.
[ 1994 c 284 § 16. Formerly RCW 43.63B.090.]
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