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The legislature finds:
(1) The exporting of goods and services from Washington to international markets is an important economic stimulus to the growth, development, and stability of the state's businesses in both urban and rural areas, and that these economic activities create needed jobs for Washingtonians.
(2) Impediments to the entry of many small and medium-sized businesses into export markets have restricted growth in exports from the state.
(3) Particularly significant impediments for many small and medium-sized businesses are the lack of easily accessible information about export opportunities and financing alternatives.
(4) There is a need for a small business export finance assistance center which will specialize in providing export assistance to small and medium-sized businesses throughout the state in acquiring information about export opportunities and financial alternatives for exporting.


Intent1990 1st ex.s. c 17: "The legislature finds that the Puget Sound region is experiencing economic prosperity and the challenges associated with rapid growth; much of the rest of the state is not experiencing economic prosperity, and faces challenges associated with slow economic growth. It is the intent of the legislature to encourage economic prosperity and balanced economic growth throughout the state.
In order to accomplish this goal, growth must be managed more effectively in the Puget Sound region, and rural areas must build local capacity to accommodate additional economic activity in their communities. Where possible, rural economies and low-income areas should be linked with prosperous urban economies to share economic growth for the benefit of all areas and the state.
To accomplish this goal it is the intent of the legislature to: (1) Assure equitable opportunities to secure prosperity for distressed areas, rural communities, and disadvantaged populations by promoting urban-rural economic links, and by promoting value-added product development, business networks, and increased exports from rural areas; (2) improve the economic development service delivery system to be better able to serve these areas, communities, and populations; (3) redirect the priorities of the state's economic development programs to focus economic development efforts into areas and sectors of the greatest need; (4) build local capacity so that communities are better able to plan for growth and achieve self-reliance; (5) administer grant programs to promote new feasibility studies and project development on projects of interest to rural areas or areas outside of the Puget Sound region; and (6) develop a coordinated economic investment strategy involving state economic development programs, businesses, educational and vocational training institutions, local governments and local economic development organizations, ports, and others." [ 1990 1st ex.s. c 17 § 64.]
SeverabilityPart, section headings not law1990 1st ex.s. c 17: See RCW 36.70A.900 and 36.70A.901.
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