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Homeless housing grantsParticipation.

*** CHANGE IN 2023 *** (SEE 5386-S.SL) ***
(1) Only a local government is eligible to receive a homeless housing grant from the *homeless housing account. Any city may assert responsibility for homeless housing within its borders if it so chooses, by forwarding a resolution to the legislative authority of the county stating its intention and its commitment to operate a separate homeless housing program. The city shall then receive a percentage of the surcharge assessed under RCW 36.22.179 equal to the percentage of the city's local portion of the real estate excise tax collected by the county. A participating city may also then apply separately for homeless housing program grants. A city choosing to operate a separate homeless housing program shall be responsible for complying with all of the same requirements as counties and shall adopt a local homeless housing plan meeting the requirements of this chapter for county local plans. However, the city may by resolution of its legislative authority accept the county's homeless housing task force as its own and based on that task force's recommendations adopt a homeless housing plan specific to the city.
(2) Local governments applying for homeless housing funds may subcontract with any other local government, housing authority, community action agency or other nonprofit organization for the execution of programs contributing to the overall goal of ending homelessness within a defined service area. All subcontracts shall be consistent with the local homeless housing plan adopted by the legislative authority of the local government, time limited, and filed with the department and shall have specific performance terms. While a local government has the authority to subcontract with other entities, the local government continues to maintain the ultimate responsibility for the homeless housing program within its borders.
(3) A county may decline to participate in the program authorized in this chapter by forwarding to the department a resolution adopted by the county legislative authority stating the intention not to participate. A copy of the resolution shall also be transmitted to the county auditor and treasurer. If such a resolution is adopted, all of the funds otherwise due to the county under RCW 43.185C.060 shall be remitted monthly to the state treasurer for deposit in the *homeless housing account, without any reduction by the county for collecting or administering the funds. Upon receipt of the resolution, the department shall promptly begin to identify and contract with one or more entities eligible under this section to create and execute a local homeless housing plan for the county meeting the requirements of this chapter. The department shall expend all of the funds received from the county under this subsection to carry out the purposes of chapter 484, Laws of 2005 in the county, provided that the department may retain six percent of these funds to offset the cost of managing the county's program.
(4) A resolution by the county declining to participate in the program shall have no effect on the ability of each city in the county to assert its right to manage its own program under this chapter, and the county shall monthly transmit to the city the funds due under this chapter.


*Reviser's note: The "homeless housing account" was changed to the "home security fund account" by 2007 c 427 § 6.
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