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(1) The legislature finds that:
(a) Housing is of vital statewide importance to the health, safety, and welfare of the residents of the state;
(b) Reducing homelessness and moving individuals and families toward stable, affordable housing is of vital statewide importance;
(c) Safe, affordable housing is an essential factor in stabilizing communities;
(d) Residents must have a choice of housing opportunities within the community where they choose to live;
(e) Housing markets are linked to a healthy economy and can contribute to the state's economy;
(f) Land supply is a major contributor to the cost of housing;
(g) Housing must be an integral component of any comprehensive community and economic development strategy;
(h) State and local government must continue working cooperatively toward the enhancement of increased housing units by reviewing, updating, and removing conflicting regulatory language;
(i) State and local government should work together in developing creative ways to reduce the shortage of housing;
(j) The lack of a coordinated state housing policy inhibits the effective delivery of housing for some of the state's most vulnerable citizens and those with limited incomes; and
(k) It is in the public interest to adopt a statement of housing policy objectives.
(2) The legislature declares that the purposes of the Washington housing policy act are to:
(a) Provide policy direction to the public and private sectors in their attempt to meet the shelter needs of Washington residents;
(b) Reevaluate housing and housing-related programs and policies in order to ensure proper coordination of those programs and policies to meet the housing needs of Washington residents;
(c) Improve the delivery of state services and assistance to very low-income and low-income households and special needs populations;
(d) Strengthen partnerships among all levels of government, and the public and private sectors, including for-profit and nonprofit organizations, in the production and operation of housing to targeted populations including low-income and moderate-income households;
(e) Increase the supply of housing for persons with special needs;
(f) Encourage collaborative planning with social service providers;
(g) Encourage financial institutions to increase residential mortgage lending; and
(h) Coordinate housing into comprehensive community and economic development strategies at the state and local level.


FindingsConflict with federal requirementsEffective date2005 c 484: See RCW 43.185C.005, 43.185C.901, and 43.185C.902.
Persons with handicaps: RCW 35.63.220, 35A.63.240, 36.70.990, 36.70A.410.
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